The History of Lip Fillers: From Early Techniques to Modern Innovations

People from very old ages have been doing insane things to achieve their desired look. In the history of fashion and beauty, lip fillers also play a major role. The evolution from the early techniques to modern innovations has been iconic. The history of lip fillers dates back to the 20th century. No matter how many techniques have been evolved, the essence remains the same: to look beautiful.

Embark on a fascinating journey through the history of lip fillers, from their humble beginnings in early techniques to the cutting-edge innovations of today.

Insights Into The Old Lip Filler Techniques

Biting And Massaging Lips

The unusual technique of biting and massaging lips with the purpose of getting a natural redness and filled look was common.

Using Herbal Mixtures And Chemicals 

Using herbal mixtures made from ochre and seaweed to achieve rosy and fuller lips was also a very popular practice in Egypt.

Using Lip Plates And Discs

On the other hand, people in Africa practised using lip discs and plates for the sole purpose of beautifying and enlarging the lips. This process involved using larger discs one by one to gradually stretch the lips, which ultimately resulted in bigger lips over time.

Using Silicone Injections 

In the older times, silicone injections or implants were used for lip augmentation. However, they were later discontinued because of problematic results. 

Comparison Between The New And Old Generation Of Lip Fillers

The new filler techniques, when compared to the old ones, showed the following results:

  • The HA formulas contained in advanced lip fillers are more sophisticated.
  • They provide good shape and plumpness.
  • The natural look of the skin is preserved.
  • To achieve the desired lip volume, the new lip fillers require 0.1-1 ml per lift. At the same time, the old look was achieved by using products greater than 1ml per lift.
  • If you inject the new fillers properly, the signs like bruising, tenderness, and swelling are reduced compared to the older ones.
  • The old fillers lasted 6-8 months, while the new ones lasted about a year.
  • The older lip fillers were designed to fill general wrinkles. The newer ones are specially made for lip augmentation.

Discover the Advantages of Modern Lip FillersEnhanced volume and shape 

The new HA-filled fillers offer enhanced volume and shape, customizing the symmetry of your lips and providing plumpness that counters age-related lip thinning. This is a significant improvement over the old lip fillers, which often resulted in the ‘trout pout’ look. 

Subtle Plumping 

The old lip fillers give the trout pout a look, while the new lip filler technique gives a soft, pillowy finish.

Better Tolerance 

Another significant advantage of new lip fillers is better tolerance. They are tolerated better in the body, reducing the chances of problematic side effects. If you are looking for a good lip filler treatment, SaRivaa is here for you.


The lip enhancement has undoubtedly been going on for decades. However, the evolution and perceptions of people are also worth noting. Evolving from traditional and cultural calamities to minimally invasive procedures is how the trend of lip fillers has changed over time.


Clearing The Air: Can I Smoke After Lip Fillers?

Yes. You can smoke after getting your lip fillers. However, there are various adverse effects of smoking on your health. It also causes premature drying out of your lips, leading to ageing. 

Can I Get Lip Fillers At 17?

There is no claim against not getting your lip fillers done at 17 in the UK. However, you must consult with the practitioner first.

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