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    Welcome to SaRivaa Aesthetic Dermisonic London, your ultimate destination for rejuvenating beauty and skincare. Our exclusive focus is on the remarkable Dermisonic 2 therapy, an innovative approach to skincare that delivers transformative results. With Dermisonic treatments, witness stunning Dermisonic before and after differences in your skin’s appearance, embracing the power of advanced technology in beauty. Discover the magic of Dermisonic facial therapy as we proudly introduce the Opatra Dermisonic 2 system, redefining facial treatments for a radiant, timeless glow. Join us on a journey to unveil the secrets of true skincare excellence.

    dermisonic 2 therapy

    Treatment Procedure

    At SaRivaa Aesthetic Dermisonic London, the Dermisonic 2 therapy is at the heart of our exceptional Dermisonic facial treatment. To begin your journey to rejuvenated skin, you’ll first meet with our experienced skincare specialists in our modern London clinic. They will provide a comprehensive consultation, discussing the benefits and expectations of the Opatra Dermisonic 2 system. Once you’re ready to proceed, the Dermisonic treatment will commence, offering a soothing and non-invasive facial therapy that delivers exceptional results. As you experience the Dermisonic facial therapy, you’ll be able to see and feel the difference in your skin from ‘before’ to ‘after.’ Our state-of-the-art technology ensures that the Dermisonic treatment is effective and comfortable, leaving you with a radiant and revitalised complexion. Dermisonic London is your trusted partner for achieving the best facial rejuvenation and Dermisonic 2 therapy.

    dermisonic facial treatment
    dermisonic london

    Why Choose Our Dermisonic 2 Therapy

    When selecting a destination for your skincare journey, SaRivaa Aesthetics Dermisonic London is ideal. Our expertise in Dermisonic 2 therapy is unparalleled, offering innovative and effective Dermisonic facial treatments that produce stunning ‘before and after’ results. With a focus on the renowned Opatra Dermisonic 2 system, our commitment to your skincare needs is unwavering. When you choose us, you’re opting for the pinnacle of Dermisonic facial therapy in London. Our dedicated team of specialists has honed their skills to provide the highest quality Dermisonic treatment, ensuring a comfortable and rejuvenating experience. Dermisonic London is not just a destination; it’s your path to rediscovering your radiant beauty through the power of Dermisonic therapy. Join us and experience the transformation firsthand.

    Dermisonic Facial Before and after

    In our “Dermisonic Before and After” showcase, we invite you to witness the remarkable evolution of your skin through the incredible power of Dermisonic therapy. Our Dermisonic facial treatments, featuring the cutting-edge Opatra Dermisonic 2 system, have the potential to transform your complexion completely. Step into the world of Dermisonic London and experience the journey from “before” – where you may have struggled with skin imperfections and concerns – to the stunning “after” results that showcase a rejuvenated, glowing, and radiant you. It’s time to embrace the Dermisonic difference and unlock the true potential of your skin’s beauty.


    What is Dermisonic 2 therapy, and how does it differ from other treatments?

    Dermisonic 2 therapy is a cutting-edge skincare treatment that utilises advanced technology to brighten the skin. It stands out from other treatments by offering a non-invasive, comfortable, and highly effective solution for various skin concerns, including fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes. The key differentiator is the exclusive use of the Opatra Dermisonic 2 system, which combines ultrasound and LED therapy to deliver exceptional results.

    Can you explain the process of a Dermisonic facial treatment, and what are the typical results "before and after" the procedure?

    During a Dermisonic facial treatment, our skilled specialists use the Opatra Dermisonic 2 system to gently massage the skin with ultrasound waves and LED light. This enhances collagen production, reduces fine lines, and rejuvenates the skin. Many clients experience noticeable improvements in skin tone and texture “before and after” just one session. A series of treatments can yield more significant and long-lasting results.

    Is the Opatra Dermisonic 2 system safe for all skin types, and are there any potential side effects?

    The Opatra Dermisonic 2 system is safe for a wide range of skin types and tones. It is non-invasive and designed to be gentle on the skin. Side effects are minimal and typically temporary, including mild redness or tingling, which usually subsides quickly. It’s essential to consult with our specialists to ensure the treatment is suitable for your specific skin type.

    How long does a Dermisonic treatment session last?

    A typical Dermisonic treatment session takes approximately 45-60 minutes. For optimal results, a series of sessions is recommended, usually spaced a week or two apart. The exact number of sessions required varies depending on individual skincare goals and the condition of your skin. Our experts will provide a personalised treatment plan during your consultation.

    What are the key advantages of choosing Dermisonic facial therapy?

    SaRivaa Aesthetics Dermisonic London offers a unique and exclusive experience with our focus on Dermisonic 2 therapy and the Opatra Dermisonic 2 system. Our clinic is staffed by experienced specialists dedicated to providing top-notch Dermisonic facial treatments. We prioritise client satisfaction, safety and effectiveness in our treatments.

    Can you provide information on the cost of Dermisonic treatments ?

    The cost of Dermisonic treatments varies depending on the specific treatment plan. We offer competitive pricing and have financing options available to make our treatments more effective.


    Our valued clients share their experiences with Dermisonic London and the incredible Dermisonic 2 therapy. They’ve witnessed firsthand the effectiveness of our Dermisonic facial treatments, including the renowned Opatra Dermisonic 2 system. Their testimonials reveal inspiring stories of personal transformation and glowing “before and after” results, illustrating the profound impact of our facial therapy. Discover why individuals from London and beyond trust our expertise to enhance their beauty and revitalise their skin. Join the chorus of satisfied clients who have experienced the wonders of Dermisonic therapy, and let their testimonials inspire your skincare journey.

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    Tejal Sangani is Harley Street qualified, Brighton based non-surgical cosmetic practitioner. She is a qualified Prescribing Pharmacist with 15 years of experience with excellent clinical skills.

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