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The First Complete Advanced Ultrasonic Galvanic Skincare Light Therapy Device for the Home. Dermisonic revolutionizes the way we routinely care for our skin at home.It offers a complete range of anti-aging and skin-repairing treatments in asingle technology.

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Anti Aging

The red LED light stimulates the fibro-blasts that produce collagen, which in turn can help the skin’s youthful ap-pearance. With the application of our anthageing creams or serurns, the red light helps penetrate then product into deeper layers of the skin

Anti Bacterial

Blue LED light targets bacterial sources, which resides underneath the skin’s sur. face and contributes to the causes of acne. The light assists in the develop. ment of oxygen radicals, which help de. stroy this bacteria, without causing harm to healthy skin.

Anti Pigmentation

Green light improves cell and oxygen utilisation. It helps with skin soothing, balance and stabilisation and can dredge lymph and remove oedema and swelling effectively.

Neck Care & Winkle Elimination

DermiNeck is an ergonomically design. anti.ageing device, specifically designed to help target lines and film skin around the neck. Based on a patented formula, DermiNeck incorporates ground breaking technology, combining high speed massage, light therapy and a heating/cooling system, into a single handheld device.

The massage head is specifically designed to be be
used on your shoulders, neck area and other parts of the body.

Toathieve best results, DermiNeck should used in conjunction with Opana’s complete antitrageing skim. range.

Unique Iconic Gentle Eye

opatra DermiEye is a unique IONIC gentle eye device that works on galvanic sensors with your skin current to help. under , dark circles, puffiness, expression lines. the unique sensor technology provide you with a sleek slim device which is battery operated and can be carried anywhere.

Dermieye is your eyescompanion when they need it most