Lip Filler Trends in 2024

Beauty is something that people are going for. Treatments like LanLuma make sure that people feel the best in their bodies. In this blog, you will learn about the LanLuma benefits, procedure, aftercare, and much more.

Russian Lips

Earlier this year, a lip filler trend known as the Russian lips emerged. It is now used frequently, resulting in people having a lifted, more pronounced cupid’s bow and vertical height of the lips. 

People go for this natural-looking lip augmentation trend in order to have their lips sculpted into a Russian doll-like shape. 

Expert aestheticians like SaRivaa use micro-injections filled with hyaluronic acid and inject it along the vermilion border. 

Keyhole Lips

The Keyhole lip filler trend came into being because of the likes of a renowned celebrity, Kylie Jenner. 

People who are going for this trend are looking for a gap between their upper and lower lips. This gap is keyhole-like. Practitioners render those results by injecting the filler laterally. This lip filler style gives your lips a unique contour, structure, and pouty appearance.

Such a trendy lip filler style won’t have a method that is so handy, right? Keyhole lips require utmost precision because they need a unique way of injecting JUVEDERM, a dermal filler, and to split the bottom, strings are also used. 

Cherry Lips

Cherry lips is a Korean lip filler trend whose lip filler method is different from others because the filler is distributed in various ways. The people going for this trend are looking for plumply cherry-like lips. To achieve this, practitioners focus on augmenting the middle portion of both lips. This ultimately creates a cherry-like plumpy and pouty look in the middle of the lips. 

For this technique, thinner lips are usually preferred. 

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Cupid’s Bow Lips

Cupid’s bow lips focus on making the M shape of the upper lip pronounced. This creates a Rihanna-like upper lip.  The people going for this trend are looking to enhance their cupid’s bow while having an attractive and symmetrical lip contour.  These lips are related to allure and youth and are therefore being done with great care by experts like SaRivaa, who use the best lip filler injections for you. 

The Lip Flip

If you are looking for an alternative to significant lip trends, the lip flip trend is precisely what you are looking for. 

In this technique, Botox is usually used to make the muscles around the lips relax. Once we inject it into the muscles, they relax, and the upper lip rolls out gently outwards, giving a fuller appearance. SaRivaa also provides Botox in Brighton service. 

Non-Surgical Lip Lift

A non-surgical lip lift is a less invasive way of lifting your lip, such as using dermal fillers filled with hyaluronic acid. 

The people going for this trend are looking for a more natural and complementary way of enhancing their features. Through this, they get a shortened philtrum and a prominent pout. SaRivaa uses the best lip injections with precision to satisfy you. 


If you are looking to boost your look, choose any lip filler trend to go for according to your features. If you get it done with SaRivaa, their lip injections techniques will not disappoint you. 

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