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    What is Profhilo Skin Treatment?

    Profhilo fillers are non-surgical skin treatment injections containing hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is naturally hydrophilic, drawing and holding water from your body, so Profhilo injections act as a hydrator rather than a filler. This makes them perfect for those with tired, dull-looking skin, transforming it into firm and luminous skin. This effect takes place within 3-5 days of treatment.

    The Profhilo treatment from SaRivaa, a clinic renowned for its expertise, stimulates collagen and elastin production. SaRivaa Clinic, with its commitment to offering the best services at an affordable price, ensures you are in the hands of professionals.

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    Profhilo Benefits

    Some fantastic benefits of getting your Profhilo treatment at SaRivaa are mentioned below:

    Improve Your Skin Texture

    During the 30s, skin pores, fine lines, wrinkles, and acne spots from the past often become more visible, making your skin texture look very uneven. Profhilo treatment can help reduce the appearance of all these skin concerns while increasing firmness and glow for a more taut appearance.

    Hydrates Your Skin

    Hyaluronic acid makes your skin feel best by giving it a hydration boost. It is well-known for helping enhance moisture in the skin. This helps address the balance of collagen and elastin, essential skin proteins that decline with age, and helps skin retain that gorgeous natural 'bounce'.

    Radiant Skin

    Profilo gives your skin a stunning, dewy, luminous glow, combatting tired expressions of dullness and lacklustre skin that has lost its shine. After your treatment, your skin could look younger and healthier than before.

    Pain-Free Recovery

    At SaRivaa, our clients find Prohilo to be a relaxing and comfortable experience. You won't feel any sensation of pain or discomfort. The skin may feel tender afterwards, but with sun protection and some easy aftercare steps, it'll return to normal within a few days. In other words, you don't need to book precious time off work.

    Profhilo Procedure

    At SaRivaa, the Profhilo procedure is a two-session treatment, with each session spaced four weeks apart. The injections are administered just below the skin’s surface, dispersing quickly to improve hydration without any need for massage or risk of leaving lumps or nodules. With only ten injection points needed to treat the face, our procedure is efficient and effective, ensuring you get the best results. At SaRivaa, Profhilo injections are carried out with a premium micro-needle, which does not require anesthesia. However, if one prefers, this may be provided at no extra Profhilo treatment cost. We also have a revolutionary method available to reduce your sensation of pain.

    A course of Profhilo injections Brighton involves two injectable treatments four weeks apart, after which you can expect intense hydration. It makes the skin glow, fine lines can disappear, and you’ll notice smoother, tighter skin. Courses of two treatments can be repeated every six months as needed to maintain the results.

    Profhilo Treatment in Brighton From Sarivaa

    Before treatment, you may have struggled with concerns such as forehead bumps, but the difference is astounding after just a few sessions. Profhilo’s natural hydration and collagen-boosting effects shine and leave skin looking fresh. Our Profhilo treatment before and after and the real-life success stories of individuals who have chosen SaRivaa Aesthetic Clinic for their Profhilo journey.

    Why choose us

    At SaRivaa Aesthetics, our professional and highly qualified doctors provide remarkable before-and-after results of our Profhilo treatments Brighton. The incredible improvements achieved by our clients, including those in their 30s, seek to address forehead bumps and uneven textures. Our Profhilo Injections treatment in Brighton has satisfied all our valuable clients and consistently delivered smoother, firmer skin. 

    Patients can enjoy some of Profhilo’s hydrating and skin rejuvenation effects at SaRivaa after the first session, though they will need to wait until both sessions are complete for the full effects to become apparent. This gradual process gives the body sufficient time to produce the collagen and elastin that is stimulated when hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin, ensuring natural and long-lasting results. 

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    Before the treatment, you can feel your skin loose, uneven, and saggy. But the Profhilo treatment stimulates collagen and elastin production for less skin laxity and smoother, firmer under eyes. It improves the skin tone and quality of ageing skin, reducing texture and dullness around the eyes for a more awakened look. It reduces mild skin laxity around the eyes, giving you a more youthful appearance. 


    What is injected during Profhilo treatment?

    Profhilo fillers are non-surgical skin treatment injections containing hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is naturally hydrophilic, drawing and holding water from your body, so Profhilo injections act as a hydrator rather than a filler.

    How many sessions are required for Profhilo treatment Brighton?

    For first-time patients, two Profhilo sessions of hyaluronic acid injections are required, spaced one month apart. 

    . How long will it take to see results?

    Patients can enjoy the results for up to one year and may choose to undergo maintenance sessions annually to ‘top up’ their results.


    Are you curious about the real impact of Profhilo treatments? Our clients have experienced incredible changes in their skin, addressing concerns like forehead bumps and uneven textures. Before choosing us for your Profhilo journey, witness how our competitive Profhilo treatment prices in the UK and our expert care have amazed clients with their before and after results. These stories of transformation are possible when you choose SaRivaa Aesthetics for your Profhilo treatment.

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