PDO Thread Lift Benefits and Side Effects

What is meant by PDO thread lift?

Thread lifting is a cosmetic procedure that is non-surgical and a little invasive. During this procedure, the plastic surgeon uses a medical thread under the skin to pull and lift it into its position. It ultimately helps to enhance your features and give your face a lifted appearance.

Benefits of PDO thread lift

The benefits of having a PDO thread lift procedure are given below:

Get Rid Of Saggy Skin

As our age increases with time, skin loses its elasticity and tightness. As a result, we can see areas of saggy skin, which gives our faces an older appearance. The PDO lifting technique allows you to get rid of saggy skin and enjoy having sharper features. If we compare the PDO thread lift jawline line before and after results, we can see that the contour of the face becomes well-defined and beautiful.

Subtle And Natural Look

PDO threads maintain the face’s inherent beauty while lifting it and providing additional advantages. They softly improve the face’s appearance, preventing significant alterations and preserving its youthful aspect. This minimally invasive process gives the skin a revitalized, natural-looking result by rejuvenating it.

Low-Risk Procedure 

Nearly everyone can benefit from PDO threads thanks to this low-risk, non-surgical method. It is accessible to a diverse variety of people and provides remarkable before and after results with a refreshed natural appearance. The procedure safely and successfully improves facial attractiveness.

Absolutely Reversible 

Usually, the results of PDO thread lifting are quite satisfactory, just in case if you are not satisfied then no need to worry because it’s absolutely reversible. Your plastic surgeon can simply manage to remove the threads if you wish.

Collagen Production 

PDO threads improve the skin’s suppleness and tightness by stimulating and increasing the generation of collagen in the skin. This procedure supports the skin’s natural structure, which helps to maintain a youthful appearance. A more youthful, vivid appearance and long-lasting suppleness are guaranteed by the enhanced collagen.

Side Effects Of PDO Thread Lift

Along with all the benefits, there are some cons and risk factors concerning PDO thread lifting. Some of those side effects are mentioned below:

Discomfort And Pain

Temporary discomfort and pain are common side effects which are faced by people after getting PDO threads done.

Swelling And Bruising 

PRP treatment for faces, including PDO threads, can cause mild swelling and bruising that may remain for a few days after the procedure.

Allergic Reactions

Everybody reacts differently to certain chemicals which are injected within. Some people can also get allergic reactions by getting this procedure done.

Inflammation And Scarring

If your plastic surgeon or practitioner is not an experienced professional, the chances of inflammation and scarring get increased full stop. That’s why it is important to always choose expert professionals like Sarivaa for your treatments.


How much recovery time is needed after PDO threads?

You can perform your daily life activities immediately after the procedure. However, heavy exercises should be avoided for a week or two.

How long does the results of a thread lift last?

Thread lifts are absorbable, which means your body absorbs them after some time. They can last from around 1 to 3 years.

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