What Are Common Tear Trough Treatment Problems and Solutions To Fix Them


The tear trough is the groove you will notice running under your eyes; it goes all the way from the inner corner of your eye to your cheek. There are times when the wrinkles become more noticeable as we age, and we start to lose volume in the mentioned area, which can cause us to look tired or aged. But with the help of Tear Trough Treatment, we can make ourselves look younger. It is a treatment you will not regret giving a shot.

What are Tear Troughs?

We have already discussed that The tear trough is a naturally occurring groove. It sits on top of the bone under your eye, and beneath the skin is a layer of fat and tissue.

There are several reasons why tear troughs might become more noticeable:

  • Genetics 
  • Ageing
  • Sun Damage
  • Allergies

What is a Tear Trough Filler?

We understand that your knowledge about Tear Trough Treatment might be minimal. Still, we have all the information about the Tear Trough Filler.

Tear trough treatment is a non-surgical under-eye injections treatment used by our clinic specifically to deal with the hollowness of shadows that appear under the eyes caused by the Tear Trough. It redefines your appearance by adding volume to the botched tear trough filler area. Tear Trough Treatment 

  • Reduces the appearance of dark circles and under-eye shadows.
  • Takes care of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Create a more youthful and refreshed appearance

Tear trough filler aftercare:

Great, you have gotten the tear trough treatment; now it is time to take care of your skin even after the tear trough filler to maximise its usefulness and minimise its side effects. Here’s a guide for what you need to do for under-eye dermal fillers.

  • Apply a cold compression wrapped in a thin cloth to your under-eye area for short intervals, which can be 10-15 minutes in the first 48 hours. It will help in reducing swelling and inflammation.
  • You will need to elevate your head slightly for the first few nights after the Tear trough treatment. This can further minimise swelling and help produce productive Tear trough fillers before and after results.
  • You will also need to avoid applying makeup or skincare products when you have undergone the under-eye filler treatment for at least 4-6 hours after the treatment. Let the injection sites heal correctly so you can return to your daily life after a few days.
  • There will be times when you will need to avoid exercise and activities that can raise your blood pressure for at least two days after the procedure. Doing this will help reduce the risk of increased swelling and bleeding.
  • You must avoid saunas, hot tubs, swimming in hot pools, and excessive sun exposure for at least two weeks. Excessive heat can cause swelling and exposure to sun irritates your skin after the tear trough filler treatment.
  • Keep in mind to refrain from touching or massaging the treated area for tear trough treatment for at least 48 hours. This helps prevent the filler from migrating from the intended placement.

Red Flags for Tear Trough Treatment:

There are red flags about the Tear Trough Fillers, which can cause some swelling and tear trough filler bruising, but you also need to be aware of the signs that can indicate an infection.

You need to look out for:

  • Increased redness and warmth around the injection sites
  • Pain or tenderness that carries on
  • Pus drainage

Problems and Solution for Tear Trough Filler:

You might face many problems with the tear trough filler treatment, but it is nothing to worry about as we have the solutions to all your problems. Below are some of the issues that might arise with the tear trough under eye filler.

  • You might face the problem of overfilling, where a lot of filler can be adjusted into the tear trough area, which can lead to an unnatural appearance which might appear puffy in some cases. Sometimes, this condition is described as looking like “sausages” under the eyes. It will be much more noticeable when smiling or looking upwards.
  • Solution: As discussed earlier, Hyaluronic acid fillers are used in dermal filler tear troughs. However, you will be happy to know these are fortunately reversible. A substance known as hyaluronidase can be injected into the affected area to dissolve the excess filler and achieve a more natural result. Once the filler is dissolved, the procedure can be redone more conservatively.
  • You would find some mild swelling and bruising common after any under eye injection procedure; excessive or prolonged swelling can be a concern. But do not worry; this can be caused by using the wrong type of filler, injecting too deeply, or simply individual patient sensitivity, which are some of the issues that you will face after the Tear Trough treatment
  • Solution: As discussed in the aftercare section, you need to apply cold compresses and keep your head elevated for the first few days to help minimise swelling. In most cases, swelling and bruising should lessen within a week or two. However, you should consult your professional if the swelling or tear trough filler bruising is severe or persistent. 
  • Tyndall Effect: This occurs when the filler used is too thick or injected superficially, causing it to become visible trough the thin under-eye skin. This can appear as a bluish discolouration beneath the eyes.
  • Solution: Similar to overfilling, the Tyndall effect can be addressed with hyaluronidase to dissolve the problematic filler. Depending on the severity, the doctor might recommend a different type of tear trough under eye filler or an additional injection technique for future treatments.
  • Allergic reactions are an infrequent occurrence. However, there is nothing to worry about regarding allergic reactions to the botched tear trough filler. Symptoms of the allergic reaction may include redness, itching, swelling, or even difficulty breathing.
  • Solution: In the case of an allergic reaction, you will need the immediate help of a professional so the issue can be resolved as soon as possible.


Like any other treatment, you will need to have realistic expectations for the Tear Trough surgery.

Before setting foot in the Tear Trough Treatment, you should discuss your desired outcome with your doctor. They can guide you through everything about the tear trough under eye filler. They can help you achieve the results you expect realistically. They will provide alternative or complementary procedures to address other concerns if anything goes south.

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