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Your eyes must be tired of looking for groundbreaking Lip Filler Results. You will be glad to know that your search is finally over. As you have a clinic by your side that offers the best lip filler Brighton to help give your lips a newer and bolder look. We understand the importance of selecting a reliable provider for your lip filler treatments in Brighton.

15+ Years of Experience in lip injection


We have extensive experience in injecting lip injections in Brighton. We try our best to stay updated with all of the technicalities of the lip filler treatment so that our clients do not have to face any difficulties after the treatment with minimal side effects. 

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One-to-one natural lip fillers consultations

Why us Benifits

As everyone has different requirements, we want to offer personalised consultation. This helps us better understand the goals and tell them to act accordingly, and we can mold our services and advice accordingly as well. This is what allows us to achieve satisfaction among our clients. 

Only approved products

We do understand that quality matters when it comes to Lip Filler Treatment and Injections. We use only premium lip filler products that are well-known and approved for their safety and effectiveness. We can assure you that your lip enhancement journey in Brighton with us is backed by years of experience in choosing the right product for your delicate skin.

Free Consultation

Book a meeting with us to discuss more about your skin concerns and how we can help you tackle them

Our Approach to Natural Lip Fillers Brighton

One-on-one consultation

We want you to know that even though our lip fillers don't need a prescription, the medicine used to dissolve fillers is only a prescription. Also, we care about your delicate skin, especially your face, so we only have the best-experienced aesthetician for you to get the right advice and treatment.

Best Lip Filler Treatment

Your non-surgical lip filler treatment will take 15-30 minutes at maximum. The first step will be that we'll apply a numbing cream to make your treatment as comfortable as possible.

Check Up

Having a check-up after 2-3 weeks of the natural lip fillers treatment is beneficial. This is done to ensure the amount of lip filler we use is suitable for what you want.

Follow up treatment

Everyone recovers at their own pace. How soon you need another best lip fillers treatment depends on how fast your body breaks down the filler. Your filler could last about 6-24 months after your first treatment. We're here to guide you through each step, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction.

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Benefits of Long-lasting Lip Enhancement Brighton

Who doesn’t wish they had fuller lips with our lip filler treatments in Brighton only for you? We prioritise delivering the best results according to your needs and desires. Now you must say goodbye to the search for “lip injection near me“. Our clinic is purposely situated in Brighton for your accessibility and comfort.

Lip Fillers are known to provide countless benefits, including

Nautural Lipfillers

Our lip fillers in Brighton are the most natural-looking treatment that you will come across. We understand that each individual has their preferences regarding lip shape and size, and we are constantly working to provide you with a treatment that complements your facial features.

Best Lip Filler

We produce the highest quality results with the help of our experience and the best lip augmentation products. Trust us to deliver the best lip filler service that will give the subtle lip filler a look and glowing confidence.

Subtle Lip Filler

We enhance your lips in a way that appears natural and soft. Trust us for receiving the most subtle look which makes you stand out and makes you the compliment magnet.


We are constantly working to provide lasting results for all of our treatments, including the lip fillers, allowing you to enjoy your beautiful lips for an extended period.

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Aftercare for Lip Augmentation

After Care

The most satisfactory part of the treatment is the results, which are impossible without aftercare and might be challenging. We advise you to follow our aftercare guidelines to ensure you get the best results and a smooth recovery after treatment of lip injections in Brighton. 

Here’s what you need to do for fuller lips

  • Avoid Touching or Pressing
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Use Lip Balm 
  • No Vigorous Exercise
  • Avoid Extreme Temperatures
  • Avoid Spicy Foods
Free Consultation

Book a meeting with us to discuss more about your skin concerns and how we can help you tackle them

Lip Augmentation

  • Reversible results
  • Non-surgical procedure

How Much Are Lip Fillers in Brighton

This is the question that is asked to us the most frequently. Our price for lip augmentation in Brighton is quite affordable for everyone. Our 1ML Lip Fillers start from £150, but the price may vary depending on the type of filler and quantity used.  

Why Us

Why Choose Our Clinic for Non-Surgical Lip Fillers in Brighton

We know you are looking to achieve fuller, natural-looking lips. For countless reasons, our clinic stands out as your preferred choice for non-surgical lip fillers in Brighton.

  • Client-Centric Approach
  • Comprehensive Aftercare
  • Conveniently Located in Brighton
  • Natural-Looking Results
lip enhancement brighton subtle lip filler


What are Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers are non-surgical cosmetic treatments that use injectable dermal fillers to enhance the size, shape, and overall appearance of the lips.

What is the cost of Lip Fillers?

The cost of lip fillers can vary based on the type of filler used, the amount needed, and the location of the clinic. At Lip Fillers London, we offer competitive lip filler prices. You can find detailed pricing information on our website.

Are Lip Fillers Permanent?

We offer  temporary   lip fillers. Temporary fillers usually last several months. 

Can I See Before and After Lip Fillers?

Certainly! We have an extensive before and after lip filler gallery on our website, showcasing the remarkable transformations our clients have experienced.

How Do Non-Surgical Lip Fillers Work?

Non-surgical lip fillers involve injecting hyaluronic acid-based fillers to add volume and shape to the lips. The procedure is quick and requires little to no downtime.

What Is a Lip Flip in London?

A lip flip is a trending lip enhancement technique that involves relaxing the muscles around the upper lip, causing the lip to roll outward for a subtly enhanced appearance.

How Do I Choose the Right Lip Filler for Me?

Our experienced practitioners will assess your goals and recommend the most suitable lip filler option based on your desired outcome and budget.

Is the Procedure Painful?

We use topical anaesthetics to minimise discomfort during the procedure, ensuring a relatively pain-free experience.

How Long Does Recovery Take?

Recovery time is minimal for most patients. You may experience some swelling and bruising, which typically subsides within a few days.

Are Lip Fillers Safe?

Lip fillers are generally safe when administered by qualified practitioners. At Lip Fillers London, your safety is our priority, and our practitioners are highly skilled and experienced.


About Us

Tejal Sangani is Harley Street qualified, Brighton based non-surgical cosmetic practitioner. She is a qualified Prescribing Pharmacist with 15 years of experience with excellent clinical skills.

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