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Sarivaa Skincare offers a comprehensive and safe lip filler procedure. Our competitive pricing, diverse lip filler options, and dedication to your satisfaction make us the ideal choice for enhancing your lips. Choose us to achieve the perfect pout with natural-looking, stunning results.

1ml Cheeks


Save £50



Elevate your cheekbones and rejuvenate your appearance with our cheek filler treatments. Our hyaluronic acid-based fillers add volume and structure to the cheeks, restoring youthful contours and lifting the face. Experience subtle yet transformative results, lasting up to a year. 

Our treatments address concerns such as:

  • Sunken or flat cheeks
  • Loss of cheek volume due to ageing
  • Facial asymmetry
  • Enhancing facial proportions and balance

1ml Jawline


Save £50



Reclaim a youthful and defined jawline with our jawline filler solutions. Our expert practitioners use premium hyaluronic acid fillers to contour and refine your jawline, enhancing facial harmony. Enjoy natural-looking results with little to no downtime.

  Our treatments target:

  • Sagging or jowling
  • Jawline asymmetry
  • Undefined or soft jawline
  • Loss of jawline definition due to ageing or weight loss

1ml Chin


Save £50



Enhance your profile with our chin filler treatments. Using safe and effective hyaluronic acid-based fillers, we sculpt and define your chin to achieve a balanced facial aesthetic. Experience minimal discomfort and downtime, with results lasting up to six months.

 Address concerns such as:

  • Weak or receding chin
  • Lack of definition
  • Uneven contours
  • Facial asymmetry

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    Tejal Sangani is Harley Street qualified, Brighton based non-surgical cosmetic practitioner. She is a qualified Prescribing Pharmacist with 15 years of experience with excellent clinical skills.

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