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Many of you might be wondering “What is Lumi Eyes?”  So, what exactly is the Lumi Eyes treatment? It’s a high-quality injection therapy leveraging polynucleotides from purified salmon milk DNA, designed to repair dermal damage and rejuvenate the skin around the eyes.It is administered through injections and ensures profound hydration, elevating the skin’s quality, making it an ideal choice for anti-ageing therapy.The transformative effects speak volumes for those curious about the Lumi Eyes before and after results. Check out the before/after section to see for yourself.

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How does it work?

This premium injection product, harnessing the power of polynucleotides derived from purified salmon milk DNA, serves as a reparative agent for dermal damage. Its potent tissue-regenerating capabilities ruthlessly eliminate dark circles, providing intense moisturisation, combating fine wrinkles, and delivering a smoothing and lifting effect to the skin beneath the eyes.

What sets Lumi Eyes apart?

Functioning as a tissue booster, Lumi Eyes boasts a well-documented rejuvenating impact. Through the stimulation of skin cells, collagen, and elastin, it effectively postpones ageing processes while fortifying the skin. Mesotherapy involving Lumi Eyes encourages the skin to undergo self-regeneration.We provide Lumi Eyes treatment near you for transformative before and after effects that showcase the natural filling and rejuvenating capabilities of Lumi Eyes. Are you curious about “Is Lumi Eyes a filler?” Yes, indeed! Lumi Eyes is an effective filler, offering a natural filling effect without the concern of lymphedema. Experience the swift absorption of Lumi Eyes treatment, allowing you to resume your daily activities immediately after the procedure.

What's the time interval?

The lasting impact of Lumi Eyes treatment is impressive. You can get a great result with just one treatment. For even better results, it’s suggested to have 3 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart and then repeat the treatment twice a year. Lumi Eyes treatment is available in London to give your skin energy and freshness. It helps reduce bruising and tiredness. If you are curious about the significance of Lumi Eyes injections, exploring “Lumi Eyes treatment reviews” can offer valuable insights into real experiences and transformations. You will find remarkable transformation if you’re curious about Lumi Eyes injections before and after results.

What are the Benefits of Lumi Eyes Treatment?

Lumi Eyes treatment brings many benefits:

  1. Repairs and Brightens: It fixes and lights up the skin around your eyes.
  2. Revitalises Tear Ducts: It refreshes and energises your tear ducts.
  3. Strengthens and Tightens: Lumi Eyes make your skin stronger and firmer.
  4. Skin Whitening & Rejuvenation: It helps in whitening and refreshing your skin.
  5. Irrigation: Lumi Eyes provides a kind of nourishment to your skin.
  6. Reduces Pigmentation: It lessens different types of pigmentation, even after injuries, and makes your skin tone even.
  7. Stimulates Collagen and Elastin: Lumi Eyes encourages collagen and elastin production in your skin.
  8. Significantly Reduces Wrinkles: It noticeably decreases wrinkles on your face.
  9. Intense Hydration: Lumi Eyes deeply moisturise your skin.
  10. Improves Elasticity: It enhances the flexibility of your skin.
  11. Tightens Sagging Skin: Lumi Eyes firm up loose and sagging skin.

So, the benefits of Lumi Eyes treatment cover a range of improvements for your skin. This innovative under-eye filler treatment revitalizes, providing a one-stop shop for all your under-eye care needs.


What to keep in mind?

Before and after getting Lumi Eyes, there are some essential things to keep in mind:

Before the Lumi Eyes Treatment:

  • No special preparations are needed.
  • You’ll have a thorough medical interview before the procedure.
  • Avoid using strong chemicals or cosmetics in the treatment area a few days before.
  • Skip alcohol 48 hours before the treatment.
  • Avoid intense heat like tanning beds, saunas, and direct sunlight.

Aftercare of the Lumi Eyes Treatment:

  •  Don’t expose yourself to direct sunlight or warm treatments for 4 days.
  • Use SPF 50 sunscreen.
  • No vigorous exercise for a week, and avoid saunas, swimming pools, and crowded places.
  • Skip chemical peels and strong cosmetics in the treated area for a few days.
  • No alcohol for 24 hours.
  • Avoid makeup for 48 hours to prevent infection.
  • Follow strict hygiene rules: use disposable towels, clean makeup tools, change towels regularly, and avoid touching your face.
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What are the Lumi Eyes Side effects?

Potential side effects of the Lumi Eyes treatment may include:

  • Mild Swelling: You might experience some swelling in the treated area.
  • Slight Redness and Injection Marks: Some redness and minor marks from the injections could occur.
  • Mild Bruising: There might be mild bruising from the skin pricking during the Lumi Eyes treatment.
  • Erythema, Itching, Irritation: You could also notice redness, itching, or irritation.
  • Allergic Reactions: In rare cases, allergic reactions to the products used in the treatment might occur.

Discussing Lumi Eyes swelling or other side effects with your healthcare provider is a good idea if you’re concerned about Lumi Eyes swelling or other side effects.

Reasons to avoid Lumi Eyes treatment?

Some reasons you might not be able to get the Lumi filler or Lumi Eyes procedure are:

  • Age: If you’re under 18.
  • Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: During these times.
  • Allergies: If you’re allergic to the ingredients.
  • Hypersensitivity to Hyaluronic Acid: If your skin reacts strongly to hyaluronic acid.
  • Skin Infections or Inflammation: Bacterial, fungal, or viral infections.
  • Active Herpes or Viral Lesions: If you have these.
  • Severe Acne: Especially if it needs medicine to treat.
  • Blood Clotting Issues: If your blood doesn’t clot normally.
  • Use of Blood-Thinning Drugs: If you’re taking these.
  • Skin Allergies: If you’re prone to allergies.
  • Damaged or Irritated Skin: If your skin is hurt or irritated.
  • Connective Tissue Diseases: If you have these conditions.
  • The tendency for Scars: If you easily get hypertrophic scars or keloids.
  • Sunburn: If your skin is sunburnt.
  • Broken Skin: If your skin is cut or injured.
  • Diabetes: Especially if it’s not well controlled.
  • Neoplastic and Autoimmune Diseases: If you have these.
  • Immunosuppressive Drugs: If you’re taking these.
  • Corticosteroids: If you’ve been taking them for 6-8 weeks.
  • Retinoid Therapy: If you’ve had oral retinoid therapy in the last 6 months.
  • Recent Surgery: Especially in the previous 2 months.
  • Multiple Moles or Blood Vessels: If you have a lot of these.
  • Recent Cryotherapy: If you’ve had it in the last 6 months.
  • Skin Cancers: Especially if you’re undergoing radiation or chemotherapy.
  • Mental Health Issues: If you have mental disorders or can’t cooperate.
  • Long-Term Steroid Therapy: If you’re taking steroids for a long time.
  • Psoriasis: If you have this skin condition.

Consider these things before getting the Lumi filler or Lumi Eyes procedure. Always talk to your doctor about your health history before trying new Lumi Eyes treatments.

However, to achieve a safe and effective youthful appearance with these antiaging products, this step is essential to ensure they are appropriately personalised. It is important to be aware of the potential health risks associated with Lumi Eyes treatments and other anti aging treatments before deciding to pursue them.

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