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Teosyal is a gel that is injected into the skin to lift up wrinkles and add fullness to the lips.

Technically known as hyaluronic acid, it is a natural substance found throughout the body. It lubricates our joints, gives our eyes their shape and provides volume to the skin.

Injected by your practitoner in small amounts, Teosyal and Hyaluronic acid can lift up wrinkles to the level of the surrounding skin and enhance the contours of the lips.

Teosyal and Hyaluronic acid are most commonly used in the area between the eyebrows, and in the folds that occur from the nostrils to the angle of the mouth, although other sites can also be treated. It is also used to accentuate the border of the lips and give them added volume.

Extremely deep wrinkles and some types of acne scars, however, do not respond to the treatment.

Understanding your treatment

Treatment with Teosyal and Hyaluronic acid is both quick and easy. No allergy test is needed so the treatment, which takes about 30 minutes, can be carried out at once. While the injections used to treat wrinkles and folds do not hurt, a mild skin cream anaesthetic is used before treatment to avoid any sensation. Lip Treatment with Teosyal and Hyaluronic acid are uncomfortable so a local anaesthetic is normally used.

Once the Teosyal and Hyaluronic acid are injected it cannot be removed, however, since it is a natural material it dissolves over time.

Evaluating side effects and limitations

The Hyaluronic acid in Teosyal is virtually identical to that already present in your body. It is not made from animals so there is no risk of disease or allergic reactions.

Any slight swelling and redness that may occur immediately after your treatment is perfectly normal. It should disappear a day or two after injections into the skin and within a week after injections into the lips.

Using aspirin or similar medication may increase bruising and bleeding at the injection site. If you have previously experienced facial cold sores there is the possibility that treatment may contribute to a cold sore eruption.

Because Teosyal and Hyaluronic acid are very similar to your own skin it will eventually disappear, how ever it will smooth wrinkles effectively for nine months and add fullness to lips for about six.

Touch-up injections will help you maintain your new appearance. If additional treatments are not done, the corrections will gradually disappear until your skin looks just as it did before treatment.