Wrinkle Relaxing Injections Brighton

Injections to relax muscles in order to banish the wrinkles in your skin is often referred to as Botox. Botox is a popular treatment that’s used to improve frown lines, forehead creases and ‘crows feet’ around the eyes. It can be remarkably effective at improving wrinkles resulting from hyperactive facial muscles and can help to achieve softer, smoother and more relaxed skin. If you’re looking for wrinkle relaxing injections in Brighton, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sarivaa Aesthetics. Sarivaa Aesthetics is modern clinic specialising in anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers and chemical skin peels. 

Delivering an Expert Service

Sarivaa Aesthetics is run by Tajal Sangani – a Harley Street qualified cosmetic practitioner. Tajal has over 15 years of experience of delivering a range of skin treatments. Whether you’re looking for wrinkle relaxing injections or any other type of skin treatment to help your skin look and feel younger, you can be sure that you’ll receive an expert service in a relaxed and friendly environment. To find out more about Sarivaa Aesthetics and the treatments it offers, head to the website. Or call 01273 900 867 or 07958564350 to arrange a free initial consultation with Tajal.