Worried You Have Covid-19 And Need A PCR Test?

While many people have now had the vaccine, cases have been rising across the country. In particular, the Indian variant is a real cause for concern. However, with a day involving no Covid-related deaths this week, things are looking brighter.

If you have current symptoms and need to ascertain whether you’re affected, simply book one of our PCR tests.

We will carry out tests quickly and efficiently and ensure you’ll receive results within only a day or two. You can then quickly make the decision to self-isolate if required. If your test comes back negative, you will know you have the freedom to resume your routine.

A PCR test involves having a swab from your nose and throat, with no injections involved in the process. Although home testing kits have been sent out, many people worry they won’t carry them out correctly. We will ensure every step is performed in the right way so results are as accurate as possible.

Along with delivering a range of cosmetic treatments, Sarivaa Aesthetics is now carrying out PCR tests at our friendly clinic in Hove.

Our practitioner has won awards for her customer service and whether you’re coming along for cosmetic procedures or a Covid test, she will ensure the experience is as enjoyable as possible.

If you need to book a PCR test in Brighton, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.