Why Choose Sculptra If You’re In Hove?

Sculptra provides a deep tissue regeneration that can help reduce the signs of aging.

Unlike dermal fillers, the treatment works to replace collagen and replenish volume in the face. It works slowly rather than overnight, making it popular for people in the public eye who can’t afford to have dramatic changes to their face.

Used throughout Europe since 1999, this type of cosmetic treatment can produce natural looking results that will never give your secret away.

Often described as Hollywood’s best kept secret, Sculptra has become the A-Listers’ treatment of choice- partly because of its natural results, but also because you can avoid a long recovery time, unpleasant scarring and the expense of surgery.

It is highly effective for not only adding volume, but enhancing and redefining cheekbones, filling the concavity of temples, reducing hollows under the eyes, softening deep smile lines, improving the definition of the jaw line and ameliorating acne scarring.

If you’re thinking of having Sculptra and are based in Hove, Sarivaa Aesthetics can deliver this treatment to the highest standards and for a competitive price. Our skilled and experienced practitioner can also offer a wide range of other treatments, including Botox.