Why Choose Our Cosmetic Treatments In Lewes?

Live in Lewes and want to promote your natural beauty?

Based in Hove, Sarivaa Aesthetics offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments to enhance your appearance this summer, including anti-wrinkle treatments.

If you’re concerned about the cost, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the prices of our cosmetic treatments. At Sarivaa Aesthetics you can get one area of anti-wrinkle treatment for only £130.  This particular process is safe and painless and doesn’t require anaesthetic. However, if you prefer you can have topical anaesthetic applied to have the area frozen.

Turn back the clock this summer.

Smoothing away any wrinkles caused by facial movement, our anti-wrinkle treatments will reveal a more youthful looking you. This effects of this procedure last for around 4-6 months.

All our cosmetic treatments take place in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. You will also benefit from a free consultation beforehand. We are UK Health Centre Registered and offer award winning customer service.

Why not check out our Before and After Pictures, to see what we can do?

Anti-wrinkle treatment:

One area- £130

Three areas- £200

Lip enhancements- £200

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