Treat Yourself This Easter With Our Cosmetic Treatments

Do you like the idea of non-surgical cosmetic treatments? Do you want to improve your appearance without going under the knife?

If that’s the case, you’ll find non-surgical treatments are our speciality at Sarivaa Aesthetics.

If you’re based in Hove and would like a pick-me-up this Easter, we have many affordable treatments to turn back the clock for your skin.

We love making people feel good about themselves, and offer a wide range of treatments, including anti-wrinkle procedures, lip enhancements and dermal fillers. Our prices are also highly competitive; for example, you can have one area of anti-wrinkle treatment for only £130.

Our cosmetic treatments include the well-known injection, Botox, which restricts the movements which causes wrinkles in the first place. This is an extremely quick process and can take between only 10-15 minutes.

Where will you find us?

Our clinic is based in Hove itself, and regularly attracts clients from all over East Sussex. We have an experienced practitioner who will put you at your ease, and will talk you through treatment beforehand.

Why not check out our before and after pictures to see what we can do?

Or call 01273 900 867 or (Mob) 079585 64350.