Thinking Of Having Lip Fillers In Brighton?

Did you know, ‘lip fillers’ is one of the most googled beauty search terms in the UK? If you’ve been googling this term in Brighton, you’re certainly not alone.

More and more people are dreaming of having pillowy lips that rival those of Angelina Jolie or Marilyn Monroe.

This procedure has become much more affordable over the past few years and has been popularised by celebrities such as Kylie Jenner. Lip enhancements can not only give you more volume but more definition, giving you a much younger-looking appearance.

 If you’re thinking of having this procedure in Brighton, Sarviaa Aesthetics offer lip enhancements that start from only £200.

We use the dermal fillers made from Teosyal, which comes from hydraulic acid: natural ingredients found already in your body.

We understand that the lip area is extremely sensitive and will work hard to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the procedure. Before the fillers are injected we will administer a cream which numbs the whole area.  Once they’re injected our expert will massage the area to achieve the look you want.

The results will be apparent a couple of days after the procedure.

If you’re dreaming of having fuller lips in Brighton, why not discover more about our Lip Enhancements?

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