Sculptra In Brighton

Sculptra is a facial treatment that provides deep tissue regeneration to help reduce the signs of aging. Unlike dermal fillers, it works to replace collagen and replenish volume in the face- a process which happens gradually over time- no sudden changes or unnatural looking transformations. Just a gradual turning back of the clock. 

Often described as Hollywood’s best kept secret, it has quickly become the A-Listers’ treatment of choice. This is partly because it looks so natural, and also because it avoids the long recovery time, scarring and expense of surgery. For those in the public eye, sudden dramatic changes can cause unwanted attention. 

It is highly effective for not only adding volume, but enhancing and redefining cheekbones, filling the concavity of temples, reducing hollows under the eyes, softening deep smile lines, improving the definition of the jaw line, and ameliorating acne scarring.

Sound good…?

If you’re interested in this treatment in Brighton, visit Sarivaa Aesthetics. Based in Hove, our friendly consultant is keen to discuss this treatment with you. One vial costs just £350 and must be ordered in advance for each client.

Other amazing offers include:

£200 for Botox all 3 areas

£200 for 1ml of Filler

£200 for lip enhancement 

Enjoy a more youthful appearance in 2016.

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