Obagi Medical Hove

Are you looking to transform your skin with Obagi skincare in Hove? 

This medical procedure is specially formulated to combats the signs of ageing, as well as acne scars, to reveal younger-looking, flawless skin. In particular the Nu-Derm system will exfoliate older skin to reveal a fresher, more youthful appearance. 

This process entails four different stages: first, there is the promotion of cellular turnover. By penetrating the layers of your skin, old dead cells are pushed to the surface to be replaced. Pigmented skin cells will also become more regulated, creating an even-toned complexion. This stage encompasses the first 6 weeks.

The second stage, weeks 7-12, leads to smoother, softer and clearer skin being created. Collagen production is stimulated, while your skin begins to acclimatise to the active ingredients in your system. In the last weeks, those of 13-18, your skin will be transformed: smoother, better hydrated, evenly coloured and more resilient. Clearer and firmer, you’ll find yourself with a healthy glow many people will likely notice.

To get this procedure done near Hove, simply head to Sarivaa Aesthetics. Based in Brighton, we will give you a skin analysis, to ensure we give you the right bespoke treatment for your individual skin type. 

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