Not Yet Vaccinated And Need PCR Testing In Brighton?

Along with first class cosmetic treatments, Sarivaa Aesthetics is currently offering PCR tests for those in the Brighton area.

If you’re seeking aesthetic procedures, we offer a huge choice of the latest treatments, all delivered by an experienced and qualified practitioner. These include:

  • Anti-wrinkle treatments which produce results lasting from 4-6 months. One area starts from only £155, making these procedures extremely affordable.
  • Dermal fillers which lift up wrinkles and add volume to the lips.
  • Lip enhancements that add more volume or definition. The type of lip filler we use is the popular Teosyal, which comes from hyaluronic acid. These types of fillers typically last from 6-12 months.
  • Nithya, a new treatment which involves the use of a collagen booster.
  • Profhilo: an exclusive skill remodelling treatment for healthier and softer skin.
  • PRP therapy for either hair restoration or use on the face.

Our Covid-19 PCR testing will provide you with accurate information on whether you currently have the virus or not.

Having won several awards for our customer service, we look to make the testing process as pleasant as possible. We will also take all the precautions necessary to keep everyone safe.

Whether you need PCR testing in Brighton or are looking to book cosmetic treatments, simply get in touch today.