Need A Clinic For Cosmetic Procedures In Brighton?

Want to give yourself a beauty boost before your summer holiday? Sarivaa Aesthetics specialise in high quality cosmetic procedures at our clinic in Woodland Avenue, Hove, and can offer free initial consultations.

We regularly attract people from all over Brighton and the surrounding locations. Our Beauty Practitioner can help you turn back the clock with a range of anti-ageing procedures, including popular procedures like Botox. Highly affordable, our Botox procedures start from only £130 for one area and £200 for three areas.

This well-known anti-ageing treatment is perfect for anybody looking to banish wrinkles from their forehead. It is also great for treating wrinkles around your eyes and at the corners of the mouth.

Since this treatment also restricts muscle movement it can stop wrinkles forming in the first place. Completely painless, the effects of this popular treatment last around four to six months.

Want to enjoy fuller lips for those holiday snaps? Lip enhancements at our clinic in Brighton start from only £200.

Lip enhancements create both more volume and definition, making them ideal for anybody looking to achieve that Bridgette-Bardot-look without surgery. They can also reduce the appearance of fine lines. The results of this procedure last for around 6-12 months although every person is different, with the results reduced by smoking, a fast metabolism, regular exercise and kissing.

For more information on any of our procedures, simply get in touch today on 01273 900 867 or 079585 64350.