Looking To Have Cosmetic Procedures In Lewes?

Would you love to reverse the clock this Christmas and start the new year with a fresh look?

If you look sad and angry a lot of the time, it could be due to the wrinkles in your forehead, which are best treated with the most well-known cosmetic procedure: Botox, which is more affordable than it’s ever been and highly effective.

Whether you live in Lewes or are visiting Brighton in December, Sarivaa Aesthetics offer affordable cosmetic procedures at our clinic in Hove.

Winners of the WhatClinic? Patient Award 2018, Sarivaa Aesthetics can help you achieve younger and smoother looking skin, with our Botox procedures starting from only £130 for one area of your face.

Smooth away wrinkles caused by facial movement.

Our range of cosmetic procedures include anti-wrinkle treatments, to give you back a youthful glow, including muscle relaxing treatments like Botox, which are perfect for eliminating those wrinkles on the forehead. This treatment also restricts muscle movement and therefore prevents wrinkles forming in the first place.

With effects that last around four to six months, this procedure is completely painless and has been used successfully for many years. We also offer dermal fillers for a highly competitive price.

If you’re based in Lewes, simply give us a call on 01273 900 867 or 079585 64350.