Hove Cosmetic Procedures

With Christmas approaching you want to look great for those Yule time parties. Not to mention family photos.  But if you feel your skin looks bad no amount of clothes or make-up is a comfort. Particularly if you’re worried about skin-ageing. 

If your skin could do with some rejuvenating, contact Sarivaa Aesthetics. Based in Hove, East Sussex, we’re ideal for those based in Brighton or Hove itself.

Rather than buying expensive but ineffective creams, our cosmetic procedures will make a real, visible difference. Since procedures have become more advanced, they also look beautifully natural.  From anti-wrinkle treatments to lip enhancements, procedures take place in a relaxed and comfortable environment. 

Our prices are highly competitive and initial consultation is free. You will never feel rushed with our services. With 15 years of experience, our non-surgical cosmetic practitioner is keen to provide the best experience. Personable and professional, we can help you take a fresh look at skin treatments. 

For a list of cosmetic procedures click here. 

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