Highly Accurate Results With PCR Tests In Brighton

If you’re showing current symptoms of Covid-19, Sarivaa Aesthetics can offer a quick and easy to administer PCR test.

Booking a PCR test with Sarivaa Aesthetics is a quick and easy way to obtain results. Renowned for their accuracy and ease of use, PCR tests are by far the most reliable testing method.

Taking place at our friendly clinic in Hove, where we also deliver cosmetic treatments, our team will ensure your test is carried out properly. This type of test involves no invasive procedures and merely involves taking a swab from your throat and mouth.

As you’re probably aware, testing negatively is crucial if you wish to continue your normal routine. With our speedy service, you can easily resume your life as soon as possible.

We’re also happy to tell you about any cosmetic procedures while you’re visiting! Our clinic in Beighton is renowned for both great aesthetic treatments and exceptional customer service.

If you need a PCR test in Brighton then don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for more information.