Free Consultations For Cosmetic Treatments

Want to feel beautiful in Brighton this summer? Enhance your natural beauty with Sarivaa Aesthetics and you’ll be the belle of Brighton.

We have a number of affordable cosmetic treatments, including anti-wrinkle skin treatments, lip enhancements, chemical skin peels, Dermal fillers, and much more. All our treatments take place without surgery and produce far superior results to anti-wrinkle creams.

Sarivaa Aesthetics will help you regain youthful skin without surgery, including those wrinkles that especially make us look older: crow’s feet, laughter lines and worry lines, for example. This can involve the use of Botox- one of the most well-known ways to banish the signs of ageing. Botox is particularly efficient for getting rid of what’s known as ‘dynamic wrinkles’: the ones caused by your facial expressions.

Since no sedation or local anaesthetic is involved, you can resume your activities afterwards without any down-time. The only thing you should avoid is exercise which requires you to bend over repeatedly.

Our clinical practitioner has over 15 years of experience, and provides a free initial consultation to go through everything with you. During this appointment you should never feel rushed into treatment. For more about our cosmetic treatments, click here.

Or give us a call on 01273 900 867 or 07958564350.