Contact Our Team To Book Covid-19 PCR Testing

Having won awards for our customer service, Sarivaa Aesthetics can make the process of having a Covid-19 PCR test as pleasant as possible.

With the possibility of a third wave occurring, if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 it’s crucial to have a test as soon as possible, so you don’t put anybody else at risk and can take the proper care of yourself.

These tests are ideal for anybody looking to have an accurate, reliable test with quick results. With a PCR test you will have results within only 1-2 days. Our clinic is based in Hove and perfect for anybody based in Brighton and the surrounding locations.

Since we’ve been accredited by the UKAS and Health England, you can have complete peace of mind when booking a test with our clinic in Hove. All we need to do is take a throat and nose swab sample which will be used to detect viral RNA.

Afterwards we can provide you with a ‘Fit to Fly’ certificate if needed.

Covid-19 PCR testing is just one of the procedures we carry out at our clinic in Brighton. As specialists in non-invasive aesthetic procedures, we’re the ideal choice for anybody looking for anti-wrinkle treatments.

If you’re interested in our PCR testing for Covid-19, simply get in touch with our friendly team for more information.