Considering Our Cosmetic Procedures In Hove?

Fancy a natural-looking beauty boost this summer? For non-surgical but highly effective procedures, Sarivaa Aesthetics are always keen to help you. Whether you want to fight against wrinkles, or have always dreamt of plumper lips, our cosmetic procedures are safe, effective and take place in a relaxed environment.

Based in Hove itself, you’ll find us down Woodland Avenue, where we regularly attract clients from Brighton.

Our cosmetic procedures are not only effective, but now more affordable, with new lower prices for anti-wrinkle treatments, lip enhancements and more. We use dermal fillers to produce lip enhancements, using a gel called Restylane that’s very similar to naturally occurring substances.  Otherwise known as hyaluronic acid, this substance gives volume to the skin, lubricates joints and gives eyes their shape. Used to replace lost skin tissue, it provides natural looking but beautiful bee-stung lips.

No allergy test is needed for this procedure, so it only takes 30 minutes. It’s hardly surprising that this is becoming one of the most popular procedures. Although a small place to start, plumper lips can make a big difference to your appearance.   

Our cosmetic practitioner has many years of experience, and will fully explain any procedure before you decide to go ahead.

To arrange a free consultation, simply call 01273 900 867.