Considering Botox In Brighton? We Can Help!

Botox is one the best known of all anti-wrinkle treatments, being both affordable and highly effective, smoothing away facial lines, crow’s feet and frown lines. Restricting the muscles in your face which cause wrinkles, Botox can also prevent lines forming in the first place.

The substance is made using a protein that is produced by bacteria; this neurotoxin has been used successfully in non-surgical procedures for years and is also used in medical procedures, making it completely safe.

If you’re thinking of having this treatment in Brighton, Sarivaa Aesthetics can cover one area for only £130, or 2 or 3 areas for £200.

Smoothing away wrinkles caused by movement, it especially good for lines on the forehead, around the eyes and in the corners of the mouth.

All cosmetic treatments take place at our friendly and relaxed clinic in Hove. The procedure lasts from 4-6 months so in order to keep lines at bay, it’s important to have regular injections. However, it should not have any adverse effects on your skin; if you have no further treatment, it just means normal lines will develop.

If you’re considering having Botox, why not find out more about Sarivaa Aesthetics?