Choosing One Of Our Cosmetic Procedures In Brighton

Are you concerned that those frown-lines have got worse? With more of us suffering from stressful lives, modern life can easily take its toll on your appearance, which further affects your confidence.

If you would like to combat fine lines and wrinkles, Brighton-based cosmetics clinic Sarivaa Aesthetics is dedicated to improving both your appearance and your confidence, offering a huge range of skin treatments at extremely competitive prices, all of which are non-invasive so don’t involve going under the knife.  

We can reveal a beautiful new you this autumn, with our clinic in Brighton offering a relaxed atmosphere in which to have cosmetic procedures. Our practitioner loves getting to know you as an individual and understanding your unique requirements.

What kind of cosmetic treatments do we offer for patients in Brighton and Hove?

Our cosmetic procedures include lip enhancements, anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers which can help target even the most stubborn wrinkles.

All treatments we offer have been clinically proven to make a difference to your skin and have been carefully selected to give you the best possible solution to specific problems. Our special offers include one area of anti-wrinkle treatments for £130, two areas for £200 and a lip enhancement for £200.

For more information, read more about our anti-wrinkle treatments or get in touch today on 01273 900 867 or 079585 64350.