Affordable And Effective Dermal Fillers In Brighton

Sarivaa Aesthetics is ideal for anybody looking for skin treatments without surgery in Brighton.

Our treatments include Dermal Filler injections which can be used to fill out wrinkles and creases in the skin. Dermal fillers are highly affordable and should have no side effects; this is because the substances are made from ingredients already found in your body.

We inject what’s known as Teosyal, a gel that contains natural ingredients including hydraulic acid, which are found in the body. Hydraulic acid is a substance that diminishes in our skin over time which is why replacing it is so effective.

This type of treatment is most commonly applied between the eyebrows and the folds that occur from the nostrils to the mouth.

If you’re worried about deep wrinkles and acne scars, it’s probably best not to choose dermal fillers’ but they’re brilliant for treating those less prominent wrinkles and can emphasize the outline of your lips and bring more volume.

The effects of dermal fillers last for around 9 months when used as anti-wrinkle treatments, and 6 months for the lips, and you can easily have touch-ups afterwards.

Find out more about our dermal fillers in Brighton, or simply get it touch today on 01273 900 837 or 079585 643 350.