A Top Clinic For Wrinkle Relaxing Injections In Brighton

Considering non-invasive aesthetic treatments and looking for a trusted clinic?

If you want to achieve youthful skin but also prevent wrinkles forming in the first place, wrinkle relaxing injections like Botox are ideal. This is the most well known of all cosmetic treatments and one of the easiest to administer.

Botulinum toxin is a protein that is produced by bacteria. It’s a neurotoxin that’s been used successfully in non-surgical procedures for decades and is also used in medical procedures, so it is completely safe.

Give your skin a boost in the space of a lunch break.

This quick procedure which usually only takes 10-15 minutes. While there might be some swelling or bruising, it shouldn’t last for long. The effects last for 4-6 months afterwards, and if you don’t have the treatment again, it won’t have any adverse effects on your skin.

Our wrinkle relaxing injections are ideal for anybody in Hove or Brighton who want to brighten up their skin this winter. Smoothing away facial lines, crow’s feet, and even smoker’s lines, our anti wrinkle treatment restricts the movement in your muscles which causes lines in the first place.

Sarivaa Aesthetics also delivers a wide range of other skin rejuvenation treatments at competitive prices. Why not see our before and after pictures to see what we can achieve?

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